Friday, April 25, 2014

Running Is Expensive

I own so many tote bags, it is ridiculous. One year I went to BEA, and when I was there, publishers were giving out tote bags with various awesome book covers on them, and I collected tote bags all week until they needed their own suitcase to get home.

So this is not a problem I should be having, but it is.

I have no gym bag. I have no gym, either, because the YMCA in town demands a pint of blood, one lung OR one kidney OR a portion of liver, 1/24th of my yearly income*, and the applicant's firstborn child in exchange for membership. But I am going to start running after work instead of carving out a chunk of every Saturday and Sunday for my run. This will also mean I will be allowed to take a rest day. Imagine that. But to run after work, I need a way to carry my stuff from home to work.

So I pulled all my tote bags out of the closet. First I put back all the ones that lacked zippers, because I don't want my sports bra to be visible to everyone I share an office with. There are six of us in Youth Services at the library and that's about five more people** than I want to see my bra.

Then I was left with five different bags. I put my running gear into the cutest one. Then I tried to put my shoes inside, too. Except the shoes would not fit along with the shirt, leggings, sports bra, and socks inside the bag. So I tried the next bag. Same problem. Then the next. Same problem. All of the bags were too small for running clothes AND the shoes. They were also too small for my work clothes, even if I didn't try adding shoes to the mix.

I thought I'd try a backpack, but I gave all those away when I realized that any future educational opportunity would involve me buying a new backpack because buying school supplies is so exciting.

So now I have to go to Target or maybe the sports equipment store this weekend and buy a gym bag of some kind. This is annoying because if I have to spend money on sports things, I want the money to go toward buying fancy clothes so I look cute before I start running. Cuteness does not last for very long due to the fact that I quickly develop the complexion of a lobster post-stock pot.***

I want one with a separate pocket for shoes, because I think that's cool.

I also want one that will make running infinitely easier. I am told that they don't make gym bags that do that, but I'm going to try to find one anyway.

While I am at the sports store, I am going to find socks not made of cotton in order to prevent the running blister situation from happening again. Also maybe I will find a reason to carry on.

* This is actually true.

** I am the only one allowed to see my bra.

*** Basically, I have to make sure my running clothes match my red face.

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