Monday, April 28, 2014

Yet Another Run, This Time with Jennifer!

I conned Jennifer into running with me by being such a great target for serial killers. Today it rained in the morning and proceeded to be cold and a bit windy, just enough to make you want to NOT run.

Yet, we ran.

By the end, I felt as though I no longer had ears and resolved once more to get some kind of warm headband thing, because I can't do that again. This is the second time I thought my ears were bleeding when in fact, they were just fine.

Poor Jen regretted her choice to buy running shorts and not leggings. I mean, the leggings make you look like your legs are saran-wrapped. They do not look good on me. They do not look good on most people. But they have one thing going for them that shorts do not: They keep your skin from freezing off. I think another shopping trip may be in our future.

Somehow, when the run was over, Jennifer did not murder me herself. She may still be plotting this. Also she did not instantly tell me that she refused to run with me ever again. I am impressed by this because even I don't want to run with me again, but I have to because I am going to run a 5K.

I was thinking this afternoon, wouldn't it be nice to run the 5K before I turn 30? That can be the goal for now, until I forget about it or find a better goal.

MAYBE Jennifer will decide to run this 5K with me. MAYBE. You know they do one at Disney, Jen. We could save up and train for many years, and then go to Disney for their race. Think about it. Really, runDisney is a THING.

Oh my gosh. they have an AVENGERS HALF MARATHON. Never mind how long a half marathon is. AVENGERS.

I should maybe not Google things.

Also I downloaded the Avengers Half Marathon training program, because reasons.

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