Friday, June 12, 2015

Small Goals for June

I gave Jennifer some genius suggestions (only some of which involved food) for her new lifestyle posts on her blog. (I am choosing to call them genius suggestions due to goal three down below.)

One of them was to do what Nicole over at Writes Like a Girl does--Small goals! Nicole posts once a month with ideas for what she'd like to accomplish each month, then she updates us at the end of the month with what she's finished and what she's still working on. I love this because it makes me feel like, by reading about someone accomplishing their goals, I am finishing something myself. This is a complete lie.

Jennifer did a small goals post in a FANCY way with all manner of pictures. I mean, just look at it.

She made that picture happen. Because she makes things. I have decided to do the same, in a more Laura way.* I am sure this is not what she had in mind.

This has stolen all of my free time lately, and it has involved so much work. This Thursday, the new carpet comes, then I promise I will do a series of posts about everything I did. There was so much stuff. If I wasn't at work, I was staining, sanding, painting, polishing, organizing, get the idea. There are only two things left, the carpet and the headboard. I have been trying to make this headboard for two years. Let's see how this goal works out for me, shall we?

Because goal one has stolen all of my time and energy, not enough fitness has happened. I have been bike riding (and almost dying in thunderstorms), but it is not the same. Go back to the gym, Laura.

I am the meanest person in the myself. This will be a goal forever, but this month I am really trying to do better. I'm trying an app called Headspace on the recommendation of Maureen Johnson. I read her post about anxiety and decided to give it a try. We'll see how that goes.

I have wanted to do this for three years. No one will go with me. Maybe I'll go by myself. Maybe Darcy will go with me if I bribe her with beef jerky.

I redid the closet. Complete with new shelving. I am not refilling it with everything that was in there. It was a mess. I must go through my clothes, get rid of everything that does not fit and everything I do not wear. I am bad about this. I always think, "I might get bigger again and need this," or "I will probably wear this again, even though it has been four years since I've looked at it." I redid my closet, and I am not putting clothes back inside it that don't get worn. If this means making a capsule wardrobe, I will do that. But seriously, something has to give. I cannot have a closet full of clothes and only six shirts I wear.

* This is for two reasons: 1. I do not know where to find fancy pictures 2. I did not want the crisis of choice. It takes me hours to choose a single piece of clip terrible would I be in a world of stock photos? This post would never be written. 


  1. Thanks for linking up! Picture #5 should be on the front of a horror movie. Also, #1 made me lough out loud (literally). Oh, and I can relate to the clothes issue. I've been thinking about doing a capsule wardrobe as well, but I wonder if I'll even have enough clothes for that after throwing out the ones I don't wear/don't fit :/

    1. I promise I won't have enough clothes...but I already don't. If I miss my weekly laundry day, I am in big trouble.