Monday, June 29, 2015

Closet Reveal!

Part three in my bedroom redo! Part one shows the start of the closet organization, part two takes you through the exciting world of heating and cooling.

When the new carpet went in, I was at work. Then I worked the next day. Then the next. Then it was Sunday, and I was exhausted but very eager to finally have my room put together. I knew I wouldn't manage all of it at once, but I wanted to do as much as possible.

One thing I realized as I lived without a closet was that I really liked just having a few outfits inside the closet with no additional stuff. I decided my goal would be the following: The closet could contain clothes, shoes, and handbags. Scarves could go on a hanger and be included. I could also use the closet to store my hamper, my cleaning supplies (which are hypoallergenic and basically made from liquid gold, so they are kept where family members cannot burn through a bottle in an afternoon, leaving me desperately placing an order on Amazon for more Seventh Generation window cleaner and all-natural orange oil), and the little fan I pull out on occasion when it gets stuffy.

Darcy has been so miserable lately, I also wanted to leave space for her little bed, so she could hide in the closet during the thunderstorms she hates so much. Poor puppy.

She thinks the storm can't see her in here.

Mum and I went to the hardware store again. I bought six fabric 10.5" square boxes. When we went home, five went across the top shelf. Different kinds of shoes filled four of them, purses and a tote bag fit into the fifth. The sixth box holds my fan during the summer, but I could change that at some point if I don't use the fan a lot and think it would be better off stored in the basement.

The top shelf I installed last month now holds my cleaning supplies and a fabric box. The bottom shelf has various knitting project bags I'll reach for all the time and the two purses I use the most (aside from the one I'm using now. Below the shelves, I have my two pairs of boots.

Darcy's bed is in the center of the closet floor. On the right, I have my hamper for laundry. Eventually more clothing will be inside, but we spent the week without a washing machine, so I have a LOT of laundry to do. I stuck to my goal, though. I only have the essentials in my closet. I'll soon be taking a trip to donate what didn't fit inside!

I sanded a section of the door to remove discoloration. I now need to stain and seal!

Eventually I'll pull everything down so I can cover the bare wood of the shelves with some wallpaper. I just have to go wallpaper shopping first. I think that will bring the whole closet together and make it look even nicer.

What storage solutions do you use in your closet? I love to hear what other people do to make tiny--or big--closets more organized!

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