Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Small Goals!

Here's what I made happen this month:

1. Finish redoing my bedroom. This is a victory because the carpet is in, the walls are painted, the closet is done (and I've moved back into it), and the full-length mirror is hung up! I'll show off the finished headboard very soon...

2. Go back to the gym. *hysterical laughter* I went on an ill-fated bike ride that led to my whole ankle growing a new I've been avoiding running so I don't re-injure it. Also I've been building a headboard in my spare time. I haven't had much spare time left!

3. Be nice to myself. I've been better at this. It will be an ongoing struggle, I think. I've kept up with Headspace, too!

4. Go to a movie at the drive-in. Heh. Nope.

5. Sort through and donate clothes. This was a win. I still need to go through winter clothes (I put them away for summer without looking at them much), but spring/summer is done!

Well. I managed three of the five. That's...something. It is only my first month doing this, so I'm cutting my Type A-self some slack. And here's what I'm planning for July...

1. Celebrate my mother's birthday (and mine). This means shopping for a present for Mum and arranging a fun celebration for her. Also sitting back and letting other people do that for me, which I am okay with.

2. GO BACK TO THE GYM. That is all.

3. Buy some more art / art supplies for my gallery wall. Crafting needs to happen to finish my wall decor, but I'm not making everything. I'm planning to spend some time on Society6 to round off the gallery wall!

4. Go to a movie at the drive-in. Seriously though.

5. Sift through all the cosmetics and skin care I have accumulated, and pare that collection WAY down. I have too much stuff. Birchbox made my collection huge, and most of it is tiny samples. I need to use those samples up or send them packing. No one needs this much stuff.

6. Pick out some fancy-looking classics, then buy them. Yes. You read that right, I get to have to buy books. I have fancy bookends. And they need fancy books to go between them to make ART. I'm thinking some of these or these.


  1. I love, love, love the Rifle Paper Co. classics and may force those covers on my future children to read so they can have classic literature and beauty in their hands at once. Also, way to go on your make-up and beauty product purge last night. This occurred to me way after the fact (since I just ditched about 2/3 of my make-up & beauty collection at the beg. of June), that in the future we could organize a product swap for gently or little used things. (I have zero problem cutting off the top of a lipstick to use it, or finishing a lotion or body wash someone doesn't like if sharing between friends.) But you know, as much as I like trying new products, sometimes they just don't quite work for me, and then I feel ridiculous tossing them out. (Also I notice form Instagram that we have essentially the same lip color basket, ha!)

    Great work on your June goals, especially since one of them was so huge (redoing your room!). Look forward to your next update!

    1. We really should try a swap next time!