Friday, July 24, 2015

Before Going to the Hair Salon

Is it normal to think your hair stylist is cooler than you, knows you are a nerd, and is secretly embarrassed for you because you're trying too hard to look normal?


Okay then.

I am going to a new hair stylist because Brittany the Wonder Stylist moved to Florida and left me forever, which makes me sad. The new hair stylist does the hair of everyone cool that I know, so she is going to be awesome, meaning I am ever so slightly afraid of her. Okay, a lot afraid of her. But that's normal for me when I'm around the sort of people who are stylish enough that I would have hidden from them in high school. (I hid from almost everyone in high school.)

I also have a bulge on one of my car's tires, which sucks. I guess new tires get to come before a recharged air conditioning. Pretty soon, I won't even need the air conditioning anymore.

Hey--does that mean the stuff they use to make your air conditioning actually cold will be cheaper? Because if that's true, I don't mind waiting.

In other news, I decided to try an outfit I found on Pinterest and this is how it looked.

Please ignore the blanket behind me. I certainly did.

Other people said I didn't look like a freak, so I am calling it a fashion success. Also I love my new boots. They are super comfortable. Also super adorable.

That is all.


  1. Those boots are super cute, and if their as comfortable as you keep saying, that is an extra win! The outfit is also adorable, and now I'm going to go look for the inspiring pin. If this leads to more outfit posts, I am all in for it. :)

    1. The inspiring pins are here: and