Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Planner Video

Jennifer wanted me to make a planner video as part of the Planner Tag she's doing. Basically, she tagged me. I suck big time at videos, mostly because I can't hold a camera still for love or money, and nothing I have can upload to YouTube decently, so I have to make the videos on my computer.

Also I made this one holding my phone the wrong direction, but instead of redoing it, here it is. I am that invested in doing this.

I have a medium sized kikki.K time planner. It is made of awesome. I fill it with all the coolest Asian stationary money can buy, which is a LOT. I like making my planner a bit more bright and colorful than a grown-up probably should, mostly because otherwise, I wouldn't use it at all.

Here's a link to the Pinterest board I mentioned.

I suck at tags, so here are the answers to the questions, written so I don't sound like an idiot:

  1. I bought it. 
  2. It's a kikki.K.
  3. I have tried nothing else since the tiny thing they gave us for free in high school. I used that to draw in, not to record things.
  4. My hole punch.
  5. Leave your planner where you can't ignore it, and make sure it's big enough to see but small enough to be easily portable. So, trade paperback size, approximately.

Choosing the kikki.K was a big deal for me, because I had so many things on a giant list that the planner had to be in order for me to want it. It had to be small enough to carry, with REAL leather, because vegan leather is PLASTIC, and while I support the vegan way of doing things, I'm not spending over $15.00 for anything made of plastic, no matter how nicely it is painted by machines to look leatheresque. I wanted something that wouldn't fall apart instantly--plastic does that.

I also wanted a fun color. The only planner colors most companies mass produce? Black, brown, red. RED. That is supposed to be for the people that are fun. Fun people? Red. They'll love it. Make a thousand.

Red is stupid. Better dead than red! And black is boring, brown is meh, I wanted something fun, so I'd notice it and use it.

I loved the idea of a Filofax, but those things are SO EXPENSIVE, and since I also wanted to pay my bills and eat food, I needed something less wallet-crushing. It really helped that I bought my planner when they were discontinuing the style. They knocked enough off the price that it was affordable--especially after I joined the kikki.K mailing list and got another coupon.

I am not really obsessive about the page design. I like pretty pages, so I make them that way myself with loads of washi tape, stickers, and stamps. I make my own stickers by printing on sticker paper. I noticed that, unless you have the capability to print on custom-sized paper, it's very hard to cut the excess paper off exactly. I want my pages to all be identically positioned, and not being able to ensure that I wouldn't have .05 mm of extra space at the top of one page than on the next...it made my OCD self insane, so I gave up.

I know. I have a problem.

I would have to special order pre-printed and cut pages from an Etsy shop to make custom pages work for me. Or pay to have my pages printed. It's easier just to use stickers and sticky notes.

If you want to read more about how I chose my planner, I wrote about it here.

So now I'm tagging whoever wants to join in! Consider yourself tagged.


  1. Love it! The kikki.k. planners all look so girly and pretty :) And your stickers look adorable! Thanks for sharing your video with the planner tag!

  2. Because of you, I'm seriously considering going for a different sized planner next year. But, I may settle for a bigger desk instead ;)

    1. I say either way, that's a good plan. Giant desks are my favorite.