Friday, July 17, 2015

Simply Irresistable

For a year, at least, I've been looking for a pair of black ankle boots. I don't really own black shoes, except for ballet flats. Mostly I have shoes in various shades of grey and brown. This became all the more obvious when I organized my closet last month and discovered that yes, I filled an entire 10 x 10" box with grey shoes. Only grey shoes.

Sure, I like grey. Grey is awesome. I own LOTS of grey. But sometimes the grey shoes don't match what you're trying to wear, and you end up wearing black ballet flats to a funeral in midwinter.

True story.

I wanted black boots so I could pair them with dresses, jeans, and even work pants. I figured in the fall, I could even use them with socks and tights. Or just tights. Something like that. So I wanted a boot, but not a tall boot. An ankle boot would be perfect.

They could have no heel, because those are a pain at the library when I'm on my feet for most of the day, and dangerous when toddlers are crawling / running around while I'm walking. I'm always terrified I'll pinch little fingers or toes!

I started watching Claire Marshall on YouTube, and the need for black boots suddenly became more urgent. Claire's style is very different from mine (I tend to veer toward lots of color and can't deal with any holes in my jeans because then they aren't symmetrical--go ahead, laugh), and she always looks amazing. Her shoe collection is out of this world. She has a whole shelving unit of boots. If that isn't living the dream, I don't know what is.
Perfection in shoe form.

I expanded the hunt for boots, finally deciding on this pair, the Basel Flat Bootie, by Lucky Brand. I figured I'd wait a while and order them for the fall. Like, in August or something. Maybe September. I mean, summer doesn't currently exist in Indiana, but I'm still TRYING to wear sandals and summery shoes.

Then Jennifer and I ended up in Fort Wayne over the weekend, and I went to Von Maur, home of all beautiful shoes, and they had the java suede version of the boots in question. Okay. Well, this was kismet.

I have freakishly narrow feet, so I made Jennifer wait while I tried them on, just to see what size I WOULD order, when the time was right. And Jennifer liked them. And I loved them. They fit beautifully, and they felt comfortable. The zippers didn't jingle when I walked, which was vitally important for some reason. And I ordered the black pair on my cell phone in the passenger seat of her car on the drive home.

(I'm thinking of them as a birthday present to myself--my birthday is at the end of the month...)

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