Friday, July 10, 2015

Finished Bedroom Tour!

This has been a long process. To read all about it, here are the previous posts: here's the first and here's the second and here's the third and earlier this week, the fourth

How about a quick room tour? We can do that now, because I'm all done!

You've seen the headboard in my last post. Here is the trim I installed with the fancy curtains.

New carpet.

Plants, which are ALIVE. Did I mention how alive they are? They are alive.

The bowl the aloe is inside is repurposed--it was once a Paddywax candle. I cleaned out the wax, washed it, and settled Phil, the aloe, inside. The succulent (what sort of succulent is this, do you know?) is inside a votive holder I picked up at T.J. Maxx. I painted a boring $.97 pot rose gold, popped it inside the votive holder, and then potted the plant inside it. I rescued this little guy from a CVS. He was on display in a flat of other cacti and succulents, all of which were dead. He was the sole survivor. That was sad, so I gave him a home.

Bookcase, well-stocked.

Whale bookends because reasons. (This is where the artsy books I mentioned in my July Small Goals post will go.)

This tray was in my gran's house. She used it to hold her perfumes. I kept the perfume and the tray, because I love the look. I added a few perfume bottles of my own (from back when I could still use perfume) and my Wedgewood. The beetle is a brooch that also belonged to Gran. I'm waiting for the right jacket to come along so I have a place to pin it!

Closet mirror, allowing me to take ridiculous outfit photos whenever I please.

Dresser with my owl makeup pot, funky clock, and invisible bookshelves to hold Harry Potter books--because those should always look magical.

Newly-sorted cabinet in my dresser, allowing all the lip color to be within reach at all times.

And there you go.

I'm on the hunt for an ottoman or bench for the foot of the bed, so that I have somewhere to tuck an extra blanket in the winter. I've got tiny frames to fill with tiny art or photographs, and I've got a plan for a wall hanging that I need to pick up supplies for later on, when the crafting mood strikes me again.


  1. In my mind that beetle brooch = Zelda; can't wait to see you wear it with a jacket :)

    1. I can see why you'd think Zelda! Mum used to pick out a different wild brooch for Gran every birthday or Mother's Day. This was always my favorite as a kid!