Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Funnies for Tia

My friend Tia needs funny happy things today, so I decided to assemble as many as possible in one place so that she wouldn't have her Twitter or Facebook feed spammed full of Laura stuff. Because reasons. I cannot find all the sources for these things, so if someone knows them, let me know and I'll attribute things properly.

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(That was just to get your attention.)

I have felt this way about food before. I feel this way about a LOT of food, actually.

A bit of Martin Luther humor for you.

I don't know what is happening in this picture, and I don't want to know.

Here is a picture of a dog wearing a horse mask. This is why the internet was invented.

I love this so much, I printed it out and had it on my wall for several months.



Never has a cat been more angry, or plotting more destruction.

This is an accurate translation.

The only reason to ever visit McDonald's is to get this box and put it on your corgi.

Poor puppy. There is a dude who dresses his dog up like this and then runs and the dog chases him, and then people see and become horrified because it looks like a giant spider and not a dog. I want this costume for my dog. For...reasons.

How helpful.

This poster should be on display in all schools and workplaces. Forget the other poster. The other poster is WRONG.

I have felt this way before. Many times. Usually during childhood when I tried to climb trees or jungle gyms. 


This is my favorite thing that Colonel Sanders ever said about chicken. I choose to believe he DID really say it, because it makes him more awesome than if he really just ate chicken all day while he drank sweet tea.

This poor child. This is why my parents never let us celebrate Halloween. I think they knew I'd make this face.

I don't even know how to explain what is happening in this picture.

When I was a kid we had hamsters. Once one escaped and stole a potato from the potato box, which he somehow managed to open with rodent super-strength, then carried the potato across the house, up onto the sofa, and drug it into the couch cushion where he proceeded to eat/shove into his cheek half of the potato. The remainder he left in the couch. When we woke up we found him outside of the cage, waiting to be put back inside. Several weeks later, we discovered the potato. Did I mention the hamster was named Bilbo? Because he was.

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