Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Grr. Arg. Boo. Hiss. Anger in the Family Room.

I'm having trouble with my "car" again, and instead of going outside and attempting "repair" I think I will write a little blog for your amusement.

Yesterday, my mom took me to Kroger. "You need food you like to eat, Laura," she said to me, guiding me down aisle after aisle of canned soups and vegetables. "I'm going to give you some money too, so you can go out to eat if you want to this week."

My, I thought, my mother sure is nice to me. Most Mom's would expect you to pay for your own extra-curricular eating practices and mine wants to pay my way.

I asked her what she wanted to eat for the week, but she seemed non-reponsive. She didn't care, I should choose, and so on.

In the doggie aisle, she loaded the cart with Darcy's food. "I wish I could find something she likes," Mom said. "You know, besides the cat's food. But I don't want to try her with anything new since I won't be here to take care of her mess if it upsets her stomach."


Apparently, either I did not hear or was not told that my mom was leaving town for a few days, going up north to stay with Grandpa.

She had brought me to the grocery store to help me out with food while she was gone. So I could feed myself.

Wow did I feel dumb.

So now that my cupboards are well-stocked, I look forward to the prospect of...


Hold on for just a minute.

I should be looking forward to this?!

Let's examine what the rest of my week is about to look like:

Dad will be at work, visiting, preaching, and doing his Irish-whistley thing all over the county.

But not at home.

Paul will be perpetually on campus. But not at home, since he doesn't have a car (and I can't come get him, as evident from the first paragraph and the next) to come home with.

I will be at home. Why? Because my car keeps overheating for no reason and I don't want to be stuck in Fort Wayne or Kokomo with no way to return, waiting for Dad, who would be very angry at this point, to come and pick me up before prayer meeting starts. Also, I am too poor for an unrestricted shopping spree. So Fort Wayne is out. And so is any other town with a bookstore or shoes or yarn (yum). Blast.

I think I will have to resign myself to warming the cushions of my couch with my ever-increasing bulk this week.

I should be used to this. I mean, what kind of world would it be where I have entertainment that I do not create for myself? Still, I would far rather be surrounded human being than alone for the ENTIRE DAY! Because not only will I be alone all night, but during the day as well! I will have only Darcy and Myst to talk to, and though dogs and cats are nice, they aren't very talkative. They let you carry the conversation. You pick the subject, you answer your own questions.

Therefore, Laura is in the computer lab, typing away and looking at lacy scarf patterns, simply to avoid the monotony of Fox 28's evening lineup of old reruns of varied comedies.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...

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