Thursday, January 18, 2007

An Open Letter to the Dethmeister, in Gratitude

Note: as I switch all of these over to the new site, the comments that inspired this post have to be left behind. If interested, you may link back to the old site to see the comments.

You, dear sir or madam, have made my afternoon.

Not only is this tangible proof that other human beings read my blog, it proves a distinct point which all my dear friends know.

Bless you.

I hope NBC continues to play Deal or No Deal for you. I will not be watching the shiny bald pate of Howie Mandell as he talks to an imaginary banker hidden in darkness in the wings, but I am glad you enjoy him.

I have never been a fan of gameshows, or the lottery, or combinations therein, so perhaps I am foolish.

In my mind, television should fufil the same entertainment parameters as novels, with a distinct and well-written plot, beautifully described, three-dimensional characters, and believeable conflict. I, however, am an English major. We have different tastes than the rest of the masses. I concede openly that others may not appreciate the glory of the obsessive-compulsive detective that is Adrian Monk, or the symbolic wonder that is Gregory House.

Forgive me for treating your beloved show harshly; I was overwhelmed with the horror of car-trouble and an empty home.



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