Monday, January 22, 2007

Yummy Yarn

I found the most delicious yarn the other day.

Dearest Aimee took me to Erica's in South Bend, which I admit I underestimated.

The commercials do not do that place justice. It was like my mother's craft closet had been expanded, shelf after shelf of crafty things, all layered on top of each other. As I walked in, I thought the store seemed cluttered, was sure it was similar to the Indian yarn shop in Kokomo, which is filled with LOTS of stuff, just no good stuff. I was wrong.
Walking up to each shelf, I saw a well-organized collection of good and amazing GREAT yarn. The cluttered appearence only existed due to a desire to have as many projects as possible by utilizing all the space the building has to offer.
I found beautiful raspberry silk yarn from Nepal. I wanted it.

I found gorgeous Andean wool, hung in hanks, in every color of the rainbow. I found finger-sized twists of laceweight yarn made for charity.

And I found cotton. Hand painted. Peach and raspberry, lilac and grape, every shade of green... I brought home a pet skien:

This is Patagonia, a glorious cotton made by Araucania Yarns. This is a Chilean company I had never heard of until walking up to a pile of colors.

I couldn't keep it like this forever and still have it on my person at all times, so I rolled it into a ball which lived in my purse for some time.But finally I decided I needed a project to make it into, something I could carry with me and show people without them thinking I was insane (I have some people up north who are VERY concerned about me...).

Here is the project in progress.

The needles are from Lantern Moon and made of Rosewood. Very posh.

Incidentally, up north I also finished another project, the socks of Mountain Colors yarn Paul bought me for Christmas.

It was a close call...there was only this much left at the end...

Yeah. That's an egg. Plus a quarter. And the tiny ball of yarn.

The pattern is from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road collection. It is called "Whitby" after a town in northern England.

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