Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day Eight. Seriously?

I looked at my schedule for today last night and I thought...this is not going to happen. So I set my alarm, work up early, and worked out.

Granted, early in this case was 7:00 AM. Not 5:00 AM.

And I woke up to Dad on his Irish whistle, and every note said, "I hate you, Laura. I hate you, Laura." And I bitterly gathered my breakfast together, chewing my waffles while thinking, "I will jam that whistle down your trachea, old man."

I turned on the DVD, I worked out, and every punch and kick and whatnot was directed toward Dad's whistle instead of at Jillian Michaels. Because there is no excuse for a whistle before 9:00 AM. The whistle should come out after your family is awake. That is how you show them love.

Stupid whistle.

Anyway, now that 30 Day Shred is done for the day, I find myself with no end goal for the day, and I am somewhat listless. One would think I would be filled with glee at having nothing to dread. But no.

Instead I am obsessing about tomorrow and the weirdly awkward thing that will be happening. WEIRDLY AWKWARD THING, WHY DO YOU EXIST? Wish me luck, everyone. Because I will need it.

And it has been a whole week. Actually, a week and a day. And I have not quit this thing. So that's a good sign, right?


  1. That's an *amazing* sign! Good luck with the weirdly awkward thing.

  2. So, what did you think of the morning workout thing? Other than feeling anxious about the next days and like you didn't have something to dread all day long?

    1. I happened to work out on a day I woke up with a sinus headache. And I learned an important lesson: when I wake up with sinus pain, I must work out at NIGHT. Because then I can sleep off the massive sinus headache that will result from working out.

      Plus, I find it helps me to do it after work. It gets rid of all the annoyances/stress from the day.