Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day Four: Paranoia and Desserts

It is day four.

What else is there to say?

I could tell you about how today I contemplated crawling under the bed and pretending I no longer existed so that Jillian Michaels wouldn't be able to find me if she came looking for me to find out how my exercising was working out, since I am pretty sure she keeps a list of all the people who buy her DVDs and performs spot checks to make sure we're keeping up our end of the bargain.

I could also tell you how I walked up to my brother and said in a loud voice, "Gee, don't I look great, Paul? Isn't it unbelievable that you can see a difference this quickly, and that I look so much healthier and more filled with energy and joy?!"

And Paul, because he is (mostly) a good brother who can take a hint, said, "Wow, Laura! You really can tell! You look great!"

And if I hadn't already forgiven him for the whole laundry thing, that would have been enough to make me do it. Especially since he did his laundry before 6:00 PM today, so I could do mine without waiting for him.

Well done, Paul.

And I could tell you how I instructed Twitter, if various Twitter-folk saw me out in the world, to come up to me and tell me how much healthier I look, because that will give me the inspiration to keep going.

Because, you see, I have another workout theory: If someone is starting an exercise program and people tell them they look good, they work out more. If no one says anything and they are in pain, they get sad and eat a cookie. And then they eat another cookie. And then they think, "Cookies taste better than pain feels." And then they stop exercising because if you have to choose between cookies and pain, you are going to choose cookies.

Also, for the record, cookies are really tasty. And since I am working out, the single cookie I ate today has been burned off. Win. Except Mom made cobbler, and I ate some of that, too.

In my defense, I ate said cobbler because Mom handed it to me in a little bowl. It was a sweet thing for her to do. So I ate the cobbler instead of saying, "Are you trying to make these jeans stop fitting?!" Because these jeans aren't even tight. And because I really like cobbler, especially cobbler with peaches AND blueberries. Plus, fruit is totally healthy.

In other news, I have run out of my favorite honey soap and have to use different, less awesome soap. This is more tragic than you know.

And oddly, I am feeling less tortured following today's session of 30 Day Shred than I have after the last three. Is this progress? I am going to say that it's progress.

Have a happy Sunday, everyone.


  1. Laura, I absolutely love that you are doing this AND blogging about it. I had no idea until today, but I'm going to back track and read the other days' blogs. And you don't sound paranoid in this blog.
    It's totally true that if people tell you look good, you work out more. And YOU TOTALLY LOOK GREAT! I can tell already. Through the internet. Because that's how awesome it is what you're doing here.
    Oh, and the best part about working out? You really can eat the cookies, and actually, the cobbler is a better choice because of the fruit and the natural fruit sugar which is way better than processed sugar. And if you eat it within an hour or two of a work out, it really doesn't matter much because your metabolism is still kicking butt.
    And I'm going to stop talking now because I'm rambling.

    1. I love your comments, Bailey. I am glad the internets have noticed a difference already! And ramble away, because it is happy-making!