Wednesday, January 29, 2014

To Elliptical or Not to Elliptical

I looked into joining the YMCA again this month, and again the cost was prohibitive. I keep hoping the Y will pay off the building it couldn't afford and lower its rates so that regular humans that don't own prosperous medical practices, farms, or small businesses can join too. But no. And before you suggest trying for a scholarship, I make JUST enough money not to qualify for one.

Sadly, where I live, there are no other competing gyms. Really, there's nothing. We're lucky to have a Y at all. So I started thinking about what I really wanted in a gym, because it will be so much less expensive for me to make my own home gym than it would be to join the Y for several years. Since I plan to keep being athletic, a home gym wouldn't be such a stupid thing to do. It wouldn't be like declaring you want to be fit on New Year's, buying a ton of equipment, working out for a month, and then letting the equipment gather dust until you sell it on the internet.

I thought about what I wanted to use at the gym, and other than the pool...I only wanted one thing.

I want an elliptical machine.

But there is no place to put an elliptical machine. Unless we put it right in the middle of the dining room, there is no place.

Except the basement.

The basement is where the spiders dwell. It is dark. It is creepy. It has a cement floor and cement block walls. There are bare bulbs for lights, and there are next to none of them. Storage takes up the back wall. There is a shower down there, our laundry room, the water heater, the well, the water softener, and not much else.

Mum and I have decided to redo the basement. Nothing crazy, just a good scrubbing, a coat of paint, more organization, and, at the end, a space I can use for an elliptical machine, should I choose to buy one.

At this point, I'd just go out and buy one. But I thought in the process of renovating, if an affordable alternative to the YMCA happens to open in see where I'm going.

Meanwhile, on with the 30 Day Squat Challenge. Today is day 20. It is a rest day. I have never been so happy to not have to do squats in my life.

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