Thursday, January 9, 2014

Obligatory Polar Vortex Post

Well, last Saturday we were struck by a polar vortex, and it spat out so much snow that we were stuck indoors until Wednesday.

That's a long time to be stuck at your house, really.

Now there is EVEN MORE SNOW falling, and I am happy I was actually able to make it out of the house today, even if the snow is melting and pouring down through the library's ceiling in buckets, soaking our storage room and staff room, and many other places we have yet to find out about.

You'd think a library would be water-tight, but no.

While I sit here thinking about how many different varieties of mold we'll be growing in the program room (where I spend half of my time), I'm also wondering how on earth I'm going to get across town for dinner without a car. I had a chauffeur this morning, because one of the roads I take to work is covered in about 3 inches of ice, pitted with holes and ruts, and topped off with a coating of slush just to make it all extra slippery. I will likely walk to work.

And I may be stuck in town tonight, leading to me walking to Jennifer's apartment (or begging a ride) with my little travel case that I packed out of pure paranoia.

During the massive snowfall, I ended up baking a batch of cupcakes, making a pot roast, chili-lime chicken, homemade naan (Indian flatbread), chicken saag, and basmati rice. I then ate all of these things.

Some people love snow. I think the snow should go to their house.

I hate snow. It gets in the way. It's no fun to drive in, and once you're out of high school, no one lets you get away with not driving in it. It is instantly filthy, melts into puddles and slush, and ends up leaving everything a giant mud-pit. Dinosaurs could get stuck in the mud we end up with at our house. Dinosaurs could die in our yard, because mud.

But the biggest reason I hate snow right now is that I got bored while trapped at my house and started doing something called the 30 Day Squat Challenge. This is in an attempt to combat what I call the "no-booty effect," something that makes every pair of pants I own look...empty in the back area.

Now it hurts to sit down.

But to be fair, it also hurts to stand up, kneel, walk, and climb stairs.

Why does exercise always hurt so much? I keep thinking it will stop hurting. But it doesn't. I can't even remember if Jillian Michaels told me it would get easier, so I could be mad at her. But I can't remember, so I can't blame her.

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