Monday, September 15, 2014

All the Broken Pieces (of My Family)

So, my family is falling apart. Pieces of us are breaking. It isn't just me anymore. It's contagious. We are clumsy in my house. And my family will all tell you that I am the most accident-prone of the bunch. But this week I was not alone.

Dad had to go to Colorado this week. I got a text message soon afterward that said simply, "One of my teeth just completely fell apart." Yes. Dad was eating popcorn and he was chewing what he thought was a particularly resistant kernel, when he discovered that it wasn't a piece of popcorn he couldn't bite through, it was a fragment of tooth.

He was pretty lucky though, because the tooth had been worked on before, and a piece of filling was still hanging on, keeping the nerve from being exposed and causing him immense pain.

My immediate response was this: "YOU CANNOT TRUST A TOOTH."

Just when you think your teeth are there to help you, they betray you in the worst way possible. You bite into a candy bar and think that it has glass in it, and that the settlement from the candy bar company will pay your way through the college of your choice, and then you realize that it isn't glass in your candy bar, it is tooth. And the tooth is yours. And instead of paying your way through college, you have to pay your way through major dental reconstruction and THEN pay your way through college.

That might have happened to me.

Dad gets to go to the dentist today.

Meanwhile, he left his cell phone in Colorado, and his sister dropped it in the mail, so hopefully it will show up today, too.

Just when you think that with the wasp sting (which has finally deflated but still itches and burns like it is filled with poison ivy) and the broken tooth, we've been plenty destroyed. But no.

Mum was walking across the house on Thursday and bumped her foot against a chair. It didn't hurt too badly, but when she looked down, she saw that her pinkie toe was lying on top of the toe next to it. She was on the phone with The Brother and leaned down to touch her toe. The Brother then got to hear what sounds a human makes when they notice their toe is dislocated and then accidentally relocate it.

Mum's poor toe. She can barely walk. She keeps touching it and saying she'd feel better if it would just "lie down." Meaning, if the swelling would just go down a bit. Poor Mum.

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