Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Overnight Shipping Is a Lie

I should have had this post up for you this morning, but I forgot today was Wednesday. That sort of thing happens to me. I'm sure it happens to you, too. It happens to everyone.

In my defense, my throat hurts. That's probably because I mouth-breathe in my sleep. Who knows.

Dad is off to Colorado (again) today. He will probably cross paths with his cellphone, which still has not arrived at our house.

Let's dissect this.

He came home on Saturday. The cellphone was (presumably) mailed on the same day. It was sent OVERNIGHT, which would put it's arrival time on Sunday. Sunday is not possible. No post on Sundays.

So Mum thought it would get here Monday. I assumed Tuesday, because we live in the middle of nowhere, making it a longer trip for our mail. It gets sorted and sent to a town near us, where it is sorted again and sent to our post office. From there it is given to a mail carrier and brought to our home. UPS still has no idea where we live, so when UPS tells us something will arrive on a certain date, we know it will come the next day, regardless of tracking. Still, we had no idea if the package would come UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Or with some other carrier I don't know.

It did not come on Tuesday. It has mere hours to arrive before Dad leaves. The chances are not good.

Meanwhile, poor Dad went to the dentist and they filed down his offending tooth. The dentist thinks he can still fill it without taking the whole thing out. Worst case scenario is a crown. I thought that tooth was doomed for sure, so good news!


  1. Laura, you are hilarious as always. You have such a talent for writing humor.