Friday, September 26, 2014

So Tired.

Last night I got home from work completely exhausted. I hardly had any sleep on Tuesday night (really, Wednesday morning). I took a nap. This never happens. But I took a nap. I woke up, ate, and I went right back to sleep because sleep is a beautiful thing and it should not be denied.

This is why I never partied in my youth.

Sleep was just too important.

I woke up today and thought, sleep sounds good. But I had just woken up, so instead I went to work. Now I am home and I already want to go to sleep. I feel vaguely ill.

All of this is caused by altering my sleep pattern by a mere two hours. That's it. Two hours. I will suffer from this endless exhaustion until my next chance to sleep 12 hours straight, and then I'll be fine again. What sort of disease is this? What is WRONG with me, that I can't stay up late for one night without this kind of suffering.

Please send help.

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