Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Classic Alice

My friend Kate has been tweeting about Classic Alice for a while, but, thinking it was a nonfiction book discussion vlog, I did not investigate it (and frankly wondered a bit about why she seemed so captivated by it). When Kate discovered I hadn't been watching, she compelled me to do so. I quickly discovered that you should always read the channel description before you write it off entirely, because Classic Alice is NOT a nonfiction book vlog and it is AMAZING.

See, Alice is an English major and a perfectionist over-achiever. When she gets a "failing grade" (this is anything less than an A) because her professor thinks she doesn't really understand literature. So, Alice decides to LIVE the novels she reads, meaning that she bases major life decisions on the books she reads. Hilarity ensues.

So basically, this is me telling you to start watching Classic Alice.

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