Monday, January 12, 2015

Snow Again and Mum Takes a Pill

Did any of you get stuck in your driveway three times before finally making it out onto the road? (No? That was just me? Okay then.)

I made it to work and, as the snow falls, I both want to go home and also want to stay here because the roads are gross. GROSS. Don't you wish work got cancelled when the schools close? That would be beautiful.

This weekend we got a brief reprieve from the hideous cold, which my mother celebrated the way she celebrates every morning, by going into the kitchen and taking her thyroid pill.

Except that Saturday morning was not like every morning, because her pill bottle had fallen over and Dad had put his down next to it, and Mum picked up Dad's pill bottle and took one of the pills from it (both bottles were filled with small, round, white pills) and took that pill.

Then she went and walked the dog, came back inside, and started to draw. At that point, she asked me what would make her hand shake so much...

Turns out taking your husband's high blood pressure medication will do that to you.

She called the pharmacy to ask them if she was going to die, but the pharmacist said that unless she was losing consciousness, incredibly dizzy, or confused, she'd be okay. Mum spent the rest of Saturday shaking like she was coming down off of something, unable to walk around or feel her face. Her face had gone numb. Because that's always a good sign.

She is fine now, and she learned a valuable lesson: Don't just swallow a pill without reading the bottle.

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