Wednesday, January 21, 2015

In Which I Feel Famous

I (and my sweater story) have made the Simply Socks Yarn Company Blog. I feel like I should start wearing my sunglasses indoors to cope with all of the fame. I will make you go over there to read it because Rachael has a sweater in that blog, too, and it is gorgeous.

Allison took such a nice picture of the lost-now-found sweater, and luckily, you can't see the weird/terrified look that was on my face when she took the picture. Bless you for cropping that out, Allison. Bless you. Thinking about that sweater makes me hungry for Thai food, though. Gosh, I want some Thai food right now. I love Thai food.

It is always nice when other people take pictures of me wearing my handknits, because it means I don't have to try to take pictures of myself reflected in a mirror or by using some kind of nightmarish camera timer setup.

Meanwhile, I have almost finished my fancy Icelandic sweater, which was almost completely knit during my bout with stomach flu last week, and I've already started my next project. I am making striped socks that are the colors of the Crayola Neons pack of crayons I had when I was in elementary school. Basically, this sock yarn brings me childlike joy.

Here is the official picture from Simply Socks Yarn Company's Instagram. And here are the pictures I took last night while winding my skein into a happy little yarn cake so I could start knitting. The other skeins are also being made into fun things...more on them later.

From left to right: Simply Sock Yarn in Hottest Pink, Poste Yarn in Danxia Landform (sold out now but watch the website) and Giants Causeway, and Miss Babs in Deep Sea Jellyfish.

Close up of Danxia Landform.
 It might be a while before the second sleeve on my sweater is finished. I need my colors.

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