Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bookish News

I read an awesome book yesterday, which is why I failed to write a blog post--I was reading. Reading always wins out over other activities. There Will Be Lies by Nick Lake* was absolutely fantastic.

I had not read Nick Lake's other books, so I went in expecting his work to be good. I had no idea how good. Wow. Read this one. The protagonist, Shelby, starts off by being hit by a car on her way out of the library (something that nearly happens to me weekly, due to the blind corner cars whip around onto the library's street). Then, her mother picks her up from the hospital only to whisk her off on an impromptu vacation...not giving her any explanation as to why. In the days that follow, the world as Shelby knows it ends--and that's all I'm going to give you. 

I especially liked the way the dialogue was written, without quotation marks. It was different and incredibly effective, though I won't tell you why because you need to read the book to find out for yourself.

I'm also in the midst of reading Tunnel Vision. It's such a great thriller, I'm finding myself taking breaks from reading it because there's just too much tension for one anxiety-ridden Laura to handle. It is so, so good.

Jake Lukin comes home from school one day to find a DARPA agent in his room. They've found out his big secret, he can hold an object and "tunnel" to the person it belongs to. You can imagine how attractive that is to DARPA--and the CIA, FBI, NSA...you name the acronym, they want Jake. Before he can blink, he's leading a double life, tunneling to find kidnapping victims, terrorists, and spies. Jake's whole family is in danger because of what he can do, and soon he's wondering if he's really working for the good guys after all.

Basically fantastic. You should read it.

Not only is it an amazing thriller, the characters are so well written. SO well written.

Meanwhile, I just found out about this and I cannot wait.

FINALLY I get a sequel to The Rook. I have been waiting for SO LONG. It looks like I'm waiting at least until June, but I can handle that for more awesomeness from Daniel O'Malley. Really. Here's the Goodreads page for more info. In the meantime, if you haven't read The Rook, add it to your TBR list at once.

* Some of you who follow YA lit--or the ALA--might remember that Nick Lake won the 2014 Printz Award for his novel In Darkness.

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