Thursday, February 5, 2015


At long last, I have a date for my surgery.* February 18th, I will NOT have to drive as far as Jen and I did for the consultation with the doctor, instead only about an hour from home. Here's hoping the surgery isn't at like 8:00 AM or something, I'd like to stop at the bookstore before the surgery, so I won't terrify small children and the elderly with my swollen upper lip AFTER the surgery.

No way am I not going to a bookstore.

I also was informed that I get to eat and drink normally before surgery, so I will be in a much better mood going in, because breakfast. Also maybe lunch. Mmm...lunch.

I told my supervisor at work about the time, and she instantly asked if they were taking off another one of my moles at the same time. Apparently, in the world of moles, the one on my lip is less-visible and horrific to onlookers than the one at the side of my nose which is of no health concern at all. Discovering this has had a devastating effect on my self esteem,** but no, just the one is leaving me this time. Maybe another day I'll have my new least-favorite mole removed. There's always something, isn't there?

Meanwhile, let's enjoy my new hat.

* This is a minor one, the removal of a stupid mole, and therefore no cause for concern. Just cause for celebration, because the annoyance of its existence will finally be over.

** Really, what doesn't?

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