Friday, May 11, 2007


I am a tall and skinny girl. For my skinny-ness, I am a very tall girl. AND I am long waisted.

As you can imagine, this makes jean shopping dissolve me into uncontrolled sobbing or leaves me hating myself and my appearence more than I can ever explain without seeming incredibly arrogant to all of you. Stated simply: no one can be shaped any way other than "average" and buy jeans in this country.

Some people still think you have to look like a model to shop without pain. That isn't true either. I have been accused of being statuesque, even model-like in shape (we won't touch on appearance, that would ruin the mood and make me cry again). No, in this country with our expainding waist (and every other) lines, you have to be at least four inches or more shorter than me to be as thin as I am (which they believe is a child size) and at least thirty pounds heavier in order to get jeans as tall as I am.

Maybe if I was willing to buy five-hundred dollar jeans, this would be different. But I, hardened by the hell of jeans shopping, still will not pass the hundred-dollar mark.

I spend hours at The Buckle looking for jeans that fit. When I finally find them long enough that fit in the waist, it doesn't matter what style I am buying, I just go for it. So even though I would kill for a real pair of "skinny" jeans with their long, straight legs, I must buy huge flares which embarrass me simply because they fit.

Buying jeans is painful for me, it is even worse for my 30" 36" brother.

We had both given up hope. Then I was reading Grumperina, and I saw a link for True Jeans.

Jennifer, check this place out.

They take your measurements, your body type, your height and weight, and compute what fits of what jean brand will fit you best of all. This service would work even better for me if I was willing to spend as much for jeans as an i-Pod, but it still lists hundreds of pairs of jeans for me and doesn't crowd the site with pairs that won't fit me.

They have skinny jeans. Boot-cut. Capris.

This place is amazing. I didn't cry once. They even have little stars that tell you just how good the fit will be. And for cheap girls like me, they let you sort by price.

This might sound like an advertisement and maybe it is, but I have to tell you, these people deserve one.

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  1. Hi Laura,

    My name is Kristen and I work as a content manager at I am so happy to hear that True Jeans was able to help both you and your brother in your search for the perfect pair of jeans. It is wonderful to hear that our fit technology was able to assist you as well as your brother, especially since men can have just as difficult a time finding denim that fits. We are in the process of adding many more brands and styles to our current selection to give you even more choices in the future. Thank you again for the mention and happy denim shopping!