Saturday, May 19, 2007

Just a second...

Summer has arrived.

Paul has moved home. I know this because when I try to make a telephone call or connect to the internet, I hear the buzzing of a dial-up connection, already in progress. World of Warcraft has consumed such a larger portion of Paul's soul that there is no room for anyone else to have freedom of internet usage. The remainder of Paul's soul is consumed by console video games and family, in that order.

"Paul, want to go to the store with me?"

"Paul, it's dinner time!"

"Paul, I need you to clean the kitchen, please.'

Every question is answered with...

"Just a second."

I love having Paul home, but it would be nice if seeing him was included in that.

He has missed dinner, going to the movies, all things simply by not noticing the movement, sounds, cataclysms going on around him.

In the past, I have passively allowed for Paul to dominate the phone lines. I've gone to work if I want to have contact with cyberspace. I start up new hobbies, neglecting the blog, never checking my e-mail.

This year I have changed my mind.

Today, I kicked him off-line and took over, I searched for over an hour until I found two new recipes to try, part of the summer goal I have of expanding my repitoire in the kitchen. Then I left, went to the grocery, came back with the ingredients for fettucine alfredo and the English staple, fish and chips. Those are the experiments for the week.

The alfredo was good.

Now, back home, I just finished feeding my brother before I refused him the internet again. That's how it goes now. I get first pick. He gets the internet for gaming after the important things I have to do for work are finished.

Sorry Paulie!

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