Thursday, February 13, 2014

Current Obsession

Folks, have you been listening to Welcome to Night Vale?

I started listening to it ages back, but became busy and drifted off into other, more grant-related pursuits. I got behind on the episodes. It was wrong. But now I am back, listening to all of the episodes from the beginning, as I go about my daily life, exercising and blogging and driving around the slightly-less sucky state of Indiana*'s great. It's wonderful to be back to not thinking about or acknowledging the existence of the dog park.

If you haven't listened to Welcome to Night Vale at all, there is something deeply wrong with you, and the city council's secret police will soon take you to the abandoned mine shaft** for reeducation. It is free, after all. You could be enjoying Night Vale right now, and all it would cost is a minimum of calories, as you use your finger to navigate on your phone, tablet, or other device and click to download the episodes. And who doesn't want to burn calories. Maybe communists. Download Night Vale, or the communists win.

In all seriousness, if you enjoy anything Lovecraftian, if you liked reading The Rook (which you should read if you haven't), if you love John Dies at the End or This Book Is Full of Spiders, you will love Welcome to Night Vale. If you don't know what any of those things are, you will love Welcome to Night Vale, and will afterward seek all of those books out and read them.

Listening to Welcome to Night Vale again has made the plank challenge slightly less miserable, since today I managed a two-minute plank while listening to an episode. I feel as though I was punched in the stomach repeatedly. Maybe I was.

And now, some fan art.

* Since HJR-3 will NOT be on the ballot.

** Now featuring HBO On-Demand, king sized beds, and occasional torture!

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