Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Kinds of Suffering

I have decided to move on from the squat challenge to the 30 Day Plank Challenge. Today was the fourth day. A 30 second plank really isn't all that bad. I suspect I'll find a five minute plank less pleasant.

Because the 30 second plank was actually easy compared to Jillian Michaels' demands of me, I've modified the challenge to start with a one minute plank instead of the 20 and 30 seconds on the schedule. I figure I'll have an easier time working up to five minutes if I'm challenged early on. Right now, this is what happens if I try to go past one minute on the timer:

Workout Fail by basalt on deviantART

When I told people I was doing the squat challenge, the question I was asked most often was "WHY?" I thought a lot about it, and I've realized I actually do have an answer. It's to keep my workouts from being boring. I work out at home, alone, in a closed room. I hate the idea of sweating in front of anyone, so I'm not sad that I'm not exercising in a group...but there are no funny stories from the gym to share, no interesting people I meet, only Jillian Michaels yelling, "GO GO GO GO GO" at me as I attempt to do plank jacks without throwing up. Adding in a bit of exercise that doesn't involve Jillian at all is kind

If any of you want to join in on the plank challenge, there are loads of different versions of it. Just search Google for "30 Day Plank Challenge" and pick the one that suits you best. Mine works up to five minutes, but many work up to three minutes instead, and are therefore kinder and gentler and probably smarter.

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