Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dentist, Again. And Again. And Again.

So last week I went to the dentist again, because that's what you're supposed to do, apparently. A card came in the mail and said, "You have an appointment to get your teeth cleaned!!!!" And I thought, "Cleaned is okay," so I went.

And the first thing the hygenist said was this, "You know you have a cavity on this tooth," as she pointed at the x-rays.



Seriously. What.

"I do NOT know that," I replied, somewhat crossly. "When did this happen? We FIXED all of those."

"Remember we took those x-rays at your last cleaning?"

"Yes," I told her. "And the dentist said the office would call if he saw any problems."

"Yes," she nodded.

"Except I never got that call. I would have fixed this months ago. Has it gotten WORSE?"

I was envisioning forceps. Something like this:

The hygienist then began her work, telling me that the dentist would come in to see me in a few minutes, and we could schedule a time for the other work I needed done after the cleaning.

The dentist came in and I said, "Check that tooth. It doesn't hurt, but I never knew there was a cavity."

His face went more solemn.

"I don't know what happened," I continued.

"I do," He said darkly. "Someone forgot to call you." He was NOT HAPPY. Someone, I am sure, had a worse Tuesday morning than I did.

Few people will have a worse May 6th, though, which is when I'll be drilled and charged hundreds of dollars. I don't know why I thought I could make it through this dental appointment--now appointments--without spending $500, but I did. How sorely mistaken I was.

Granted, it could come in closer to $400, but really, once you get up that high, what's an extra hundred? I mean, the carpet for my room, if I get the one I like, will be $450. Why should I be surprised that dental work should cost more than a carpet? I could buy the tile for my mother's bathroom, or I could get a tooth filled. Too bad I need these teeth, or it would be tile all the way.

I just hope that this is it. It won't be. In October at my next cleaning, there will be another cavity, or maybe more than one. My teeth suck. My whole life is one dental tragedy after another, with a few good meals in between.

I think in my mouth, only about 40% of my teeth are actually made of tooth. Maybe less.

Wish me luck. I will monitor cost and let you know what was more expensive: tooth or carpet. Let the betting commence in the comments.

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