Monday, January 26, 2009

Flickr Solved, Repetative Burns, and the Firestarter

I spent some time on Flickr's website, doing what I do, which is trying to solve problems. I tried the last possible option, the Flickr Uploader download thing. It actually works--very well. I managed to upload not one picture in thirty minutes but three--and not in thirty minutes but in twenty. That's pretty great. it might not always be awesome, but the fact that it has corrected the problem somewhat makes my life much better than it's been in ages.

However, since my life is what it is, something else had to go wrong, and that is this. I mean, this page, this one right here. See, usually there is a little Java thing that gives me a toolbar and automatically saves what I'm working on. However, today, there is an "Error on page" that makes there be no toolbar, no auto-save, no help for me at all. So the pictures I uploaded? I can't put them here, even with html, since I can't get to that either. So I sit here, watching 24 and hating every second of it (because that show is the same every season and that means bad since even the first season was horrid). I'm waiting for them to make me watch torture again. But it's this, 2.5 Men, or The Last Templar (Mom said that stunk too; since the lead girl grabbed this lance thing and jousted with some knight and won, even though she had spagetti arms).

So, instead of posting all these great pictures of my awesome socks, you'll have to go here to Ravelry and look up Darcybear and see, since I can't even link to that. Great.

My knitting was slowed today with the accumulation of many minor burns all over my fingers, caused by the grilling of Reuben sandwiches for my parents' dinners. However, since Mom's plans to tidy our kitchen so I could get out the electric griddle were laid waste as she pulled her back, effectively crippling herself, I was forced to use the stovetop and a tiny (crappy) skillet. Mom, meanwhile, has been sitting in the same chair ever since.

The little skillet got too hot for the sandwiches, and I burned four peices of bread before giving up and serving Dad the fifth and sixth with his sandwich. The seventh and eighth turned out perfectly, because I turned off the burner and let the residual heat toast the bread. However, by that point I had injured myself (there was nowhere to put the hot metal implements I used, nor was there anywhere to put the lid, nor was there enough room to lift out the sandwiches without hitting the sides of the pan with my bare flesh) so badly, I began to cry because I'm a girl and that's what I do when I hurt myself and get angry (even at the ripe age of 24). It was that or start swearing.

Dad said his sandwich tasted better because of the addition of my charred flesh. I said Mom's was better because it was seasoned with the salt of my tears.

This makes it highly difficult to knit the gusset of my new project, the Firestarter socks by Yarnissima. I began these socks when I found that they needed less yardage than the other two Yarnissima patterns I had begun and had to frog (I am including Digitessa even though it sits hibernating right now; I will have to frog it but am putting it off for the present). I am using the Monet colorway of my Christmas Jitterbug yarn.

Marjan Hammink is a wonder. I know I have never met her, but I love her. She is a creative genius and statues should be erected in her honor. I love Firestarter regardless of its simple design, simply because I know this is where the magic began. It seems fitting that my first pair of completed Yarnissima patterns would be the first she published.

Here is a peek at the Firestarter...

And here is the hibernating Cablenet...

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