Friday, January 23, 2009

My Brother's Mushroom...

Paul took Algae, Plants, and Fungi last semester, and he inspired me to knit him yet another useless novelty object. The last one was a knitted bacterium (after Microbiology). It was gram negative.

I used a modified version of this pattern which I found in a few minutes on Ravelry. It took an evening to knit up the cap and stem, though I had to do two caps because I forgot one skein of red worsted I had was superwash. Yeah.

I put them together to snap this picture right before I went to sleep:

And in the morning, I sewed them together (next time, I will be using the hot-glue gun; it won't make a difference).

Since I didn't have a felting needle (nor could I drive to any yarn store and buy one without devoting an entire day to the two hour drive there, the two hour drive back, and the questions: "Will Stitches and Scones be open when I get there?" and "Does Stitches and Scones even have a felting needle?"

So I went to the local Wal-mart and had another fragment of my soul sucked out as I purchased buttons that were tiny and white, the right color for this specific species of mushroom.

So there you are. Now it is sitting in my brother's filthy dorm room, amidst the dust, which is where other species of fungi are growing right now. This is more colorful, though.

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