Monday, January 19, 2009

This is an attempt...

I thought you all should see what it took to upload a picture onto this blog. Let's give it a whirl, here. This is using the blog, not Flickr, because I was wondering if it would be any faster.

We are now up to ten minutes. The green bar is full, but nothing is happening.

Twenty minutes. Green bar full. Nothing happening.

Twenty-five minutes. I'm hungry. I want to go make a sandwich, but if I leave, it might fail and then I will have all the time I was assembling my BLT lost and the image will still be stuck on my computer.

It worked, at a painful, but not record breaking length of time: 45 minutes.

This is my dog, Darcy. She rescued the bone from the cat, who had walked too close to it for its safety. She started chewing her bone and then fell asleep. She's too cute.

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