Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday night in the midwest...

The Firestarter socks are progressing rapidly, especially because I am so excited to see them finished. I spent the better part of the morning knitting up the gusset, then the afternoon and early evening getting rid of it again (I took a break to make the chili). Now I have finished the first cable repeat following the gusset and am about to switch to the instep ribbing.

This means two, I said two, socks knittied to the same place and there is still yarn left over (much to my joy as I will not be left with Firestarter anklets). I am thrilled with them.

Knitting the Firestarter has done something marvelous. It has allowed me to master all the skills I kept telling myself I didn't need to master (truly, I didn't as I had knitted La Digitessa and Spina Di Pesce without much trouble). Things like the short row toe and heel, that I had never tried before and was getting the hang of. The lovely Firestarter has a much neater toe and heel and I was able to tackle them confidently.

This means, folks, that I will be able to take on the complicated charts of La Digitessa (which aren't that bad, if you're thinking of giving it a go, they just look rough at first) without having to worry about learning the short row thing (how did I not know that?) and the magic loop method I had also never tried.

I will have pictures tomorrow when there is better light for it.

Also, and this is completely irrelevent to all of you but very important to me, I had discovered last weekend that I was missing the end of the Criminal Minds episode "Minimal Loss" on the wimpy little VHS tape I had made. Sadly, the end of "Minimal Loss" (the best episode this season) was also the best part of the story, a touching interchange between Agent Prentiss and Dr. Reid.

It was gone, eaten by the beginning of the next episode of the season. But, since Criminal Minds loves me as a unit, as a whole (I hope), the decision came down from on high to replay "Minimal Loss" today, right now, so I could get the end on tape while I wait for the DVD of season four to come out in the fall.

Thank you, Criminal Minds. Thank you CBS.

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