Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Snow...

Fortunately, we have (I hope) been spared the horror of a second ice storm and the mess of power outages, fallen tree limbs, and no running water. We will have snow on the roads, but we can cope with that out here.

My hands remain constantly numb from the cold. We have had no temperatures above freezing in an age. It is a cold, cold place, and the bald eagle is searching for open water that we don't have outside anymore. Since there is nothing that could draw me outdoors, I have been knitting.

There would be a picture right there, if the picture thing was working today, but it isn't. So imagine a Firestarter sock worked to about an inch above the end of the gusset. The pattern is about to ask me to move up a needle size, but I am debating this. I have wimpy calves (not really) and the added space will make these socks (perhaps) fall down. The real reason I am on the fence is that the pattern calls for a size smaller needle than I am using--my yarn is thicker and I want it to look pretty. If I move up, I will do it a little later, where my calf actually begins.

So, I am considering the best path, and I have decided to break the yarn, knit the other foot, then split the remaining yarn to use every possible inch of it. I want these socks as tall as they will go without looking stupid. The stupid option doesn't really exist...I don't have that much yarn, which you know if you remember the cause of the Frogging of Spina Di Pesce.

I am, therefore, eating chocolate next to the gas fireplace and knitting until my hands cramp up.

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