Thursday, February 19, 2009


I checked my e-mail fifteen minutes ago, hoping for some late-breaking news regarding Malabrigo sock yarn...nothing yet. Instead I found a friendly little note from Ed Krall, the Station Manager of WSJV, otherwise known as Fox 28.

That's right. The Station Manager. I am capitalizing the title because he sent me a nice note. Yes, he wants to help me, poor Fringe-less Laura out here in the middle of several cornfields.

And you know, it made me feel much, much better. That is all it took. I still don't have Fox on my television, but it hurts a little less, because Ed Krall cared enough to send me a little note and brighten up my day. He acknowledged my issue and offered his help. It was a nice little thing, nothing huge, just a small note.

I have found, in my life, that's usually all it takes to defuse my seething rage. I appreciate people taking a small step to tell me I matter at least a little bit. I feel like I matter.

But even if it's all for not, Rachael had some ideas I could maybe use...


I just got another note from Ed Krall. I am outside the viewing area. So, it isn't going to happen for me. I am still not angry, but now I am disappointed, which I wasn't before.

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