Friday, February 13, 2009

Caught Me

Since I am a solitary person for the next few days, I am trying to kill time in the best ways possible, ways that do not involve watching television for hours on end or plugging my television into the converter box, which I plan to do in the morning on the day of the conversion in order to preserve the most time with a working VCR as possible

I drove to Warsaw this morning and took care of some errands, then I went to The Shuttle Shop again, my LYS, in order to better police the Malabrigo and monitor the arrival of various sock yarns. I also wanted to show Kathy the lace weight Malabrigo I got yesterday, to share the joy and show her what I was making from Knitted Lace of Estonia.

I plan on knitting a hybrid scarf. I have done the math, and I found that I only need to add one stitch and decrease one between both ends of the scarf, making life easy for me. I hope to cast on sometime tonight, after the Test-itessa photo shoot.

When I had finished chatting with Kathy and buying my new Interweave Knits (I should just subscribe, but they mess up magazines through the mail and I like them pretty), I drove back toward home, stopping for a late lunch of goooood the KenapocoMocha. Laughing a bit at Jennifer's misfortune of yesterday, sorry Jen, it was funny, I ate my lunch.

But I can't come here without getting hot chocolate. It is just too good here; it isn't right. If I didn't have to walk Darcy, I would balloon to the size of a house, filling my car with my bulk and causing it to sink drastically as I sat inside, bottoming out on bumpy roads. I went back to the counter and ordered some, and then came back, thinking I would covertly take some pictures of my lace yarn outside of the house. I did, and just as I snapped the first picture, my hot chocolate was delivered to my table. The poor girl was looking at me, wondering (I could tell) what kind of freak photographs yarn she owns in public places.

This kind of freak does that.

I looked up, smiled guiltily, and said, "You've caught me photographing yarn!" Yeah, I'm sure she hadn't noticed. Then, I made it all better by saying, "I've been caught doing worse in public."

Now, that is frankly not true. Plus, for people who don't know me--like the KenapocoMocha girl--it can be downright horrifying. What worse thing did this strange patron get caught doing? Drugs? Was she doing shots of some one's body? How weird is this girl? Was she crouching like Bigfoot at the side of the road? Could you be arrested for what she was doing?

I was joking, I swear. I have never been caught doing something bad, just innocent, quirky, freakish, and downright funny. I have been seen falling down stairs, standing up, and falling down again when I was too dizzy to remain on my feet. I have been caught singing loudly in Walmart. I often knit, count stitches, or do math out loud so I don't screw it up. As if saying "add three" will make it any easier for me. But I don't do the kind of things that would make the KenapocoMocha girl justified in giving me a quick look and darting back to the counter.

Why do I say things like that? I am really not even that amusing; I just watch Bonnie Hunt and think I could be. And I'm not.

Sigh. Here's the yarn:

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