Wednesday, February 11, 2009

KenapocoMocha Again

Okay, so this post is mostly for Jennifer, because I know she will love this. She made some comments on the post before this that proves my point.

Wednesday nights are the nights when the knitting group really meets at KenapocoMocha. So I visited.

If you haven't been to KenapocoMocha, it is a coffee shop with a bakery and a soup chef that creates the closest thing I have seen to heaven on earth. Jennifer knows this. And I have mentioned it before. Their soups are so delicious, I think of the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld--only the soup chef lady is nice. Soup for everyone.

She invents these amazing recipes that are totally different from anything I have ever had. So today I was chatting with the girl who was making my hot chocolate (they melt chocolate for this--no powder involved--and steam milk) and she mentioned their website. After the knitting group broke up, I went home and checked it out. Here is the best thing to happen in my life in an age: there are recipes for soup.

In other news, I nearly died again. But I'll save that story for later.

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  1. I know I've been extra-commenty lately (new word), but what I just experienced deserves comment. I came into the Kenopoc, hoping to have some good coffee, good music, and calm place to work on my research. Unbeknownst to me, today was "Meet the Artist" day, which means that a bus full of Peabody residents gathered inside this tiny place to listen to the artist talk about her paintings. I had already ordered my food and coffee, what choice did I have? So, I sat there(uncomfortably)while all the white-haired people listened intently about the history of the Kenopoc and from where Susan (the artist) drew her inspiration. By the time they all strolled their way out of here(literally), I knew all about the Kenapoc and how it used to have walls covered with gray auto paint. anyway I thought I would write to you, maybe it will inspire yet another blog about Kenapoc someday when you are experiencing writer's block. That's all for now--bye!