Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Notes From You Guys

As a little something extra, I wanted to add a bit of a response to the comments from yesterday's posts.

Jen and Rachael:

Thanks for being so sweet to me! It's nice to know that you don't want me writhing on the floor in rage and agony, screaming incoherently and hurling various objects at the television and converter box. It's kind of a relief to think I have other options than hurling my television and The Box into the trunk of my car, driving to the FCC headquarters (where are they again) and flinging the set through a plate glass window with a note attached: "Meanies, stop being so mean. Give me back my knitting time!"

I won't have to ask either of you to come visit me in the asylum (where I will undoubtedly end up at some point in my life, it's just a matter of putting it off for as long as possible). You are both great people, and I will be happy to steal internet at your places of residence (evil laughter).


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