Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Blog For Jennifer

Poor Jen needs entertainment. Spring Break was just too boring for her, all the free time and table building was enough to drive her crazy. Not to mention all her family time, which might lead to an interesting conversation or two for us, at some point in the future.

Jen would be fascinated to know that I have heard tell that my my new sweater from The Loft, which I bought when we were together on Friday afternoon in Fort Wayne, has arrived unscathed at my house. I have yet to see it, but Mom tells me the package looks as if it had been run over by a truck, complete with wheel imprints and tread marks.

Saturday Rachael and I went on a grand expedition to the southern portion of our fair (as in mediocre or beautiful? You decide) state and visited a Carmel yarn store preparing to close its doors, then we veered off to get nibbled by alpaca at a fiber fair in Greencastle. Sweater yarn and drop spindle, respectively.

Now I have to figure out how to spin, again.

Sunday we planned to meet G&G Beutler for dinner, only to have them call and cancel first thing that morning. We went to church, then had a crappy McDonald's lunch, stopped at the grocery, then home, where we found that Dad had answered the phone and his parents had tried to un-cancel our festivities. Dad, enraged that I had turned my phone to silent for his sermon, decided to fume for the remainder of the evening.

I love my family, really.

In other news, I got my car back from Morris, only to find that after 3 months of sitting, unused, in the freezing outdoors, the windshield seal had completely failed right above the driver's seat (again). I learned this Monday, by opening the door and finding a puddle where my rear was supposed to go. Lovingly, Mom had cleaned out my car for me. Removing The Towel, designed to protect my posterior in such cases.

I rode home sitting on a chunk of cardboard from my trunk Dad used the last time he wired up my muffler, after my college graduation.

Now I am driving Mom's car again, as it is raining and I have yet to re-seal the windshield. I have the gunk, though, and will do it soon.

There you go, Jen. My life, in a nutshell. Except for how I did the chicken dance for pre-schoolers, badly. And the part about meeting the Library Board and seeing if they "officially" hire me. Tonight.

Here, look at some alpaca!

Rachael's sweater very tasty...

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