Friday, April 24, 2009

In which I sense something bad is about to happen...

In the past two days I have checked six books out of the library. The only reason this number was not seven instead was that the seventh book I plan to read had not yet been processed completely and readied for check out.

I truly and absolutely believe that I can read all these books within the time limit the library sets--21 days--for borrowers to keep books.

However, during this time period, I know that more books that I have ordered will continue to arrive faster and faster, as I order more, and I will end up checking out more books.

There is only a set time when I can read, in between the whole driving to work, being at work, and being tired from work stages. In this time I must read these books, and the one Jen lent me that she thinks is fantastic.

I am picturing a stack of books, growing and growing with each passing day, next to the pile of yarn (rapidly becoming actual stash) growing ever larger. I will spend my time off as I like to--with friends--and these piles will grow and grow until they can never be defeated and I will have to live with the knowledge that I have books and no time to read them, yarn and no time to knit it.

That could kill me.

I have decided to keep this under control.

I will make a list of books I want to read. I will read only the ones I must read, and save the others for a time in my life when there is less to worry about (the years of descent into senility I like to call retirement). Meanwhile, I will knit like a fiend and convert from a process knitter into a product knitter so I can conquer the stash as it enters the house because I have no where to store it but my floor and that is cluttered with books.

And laundry. Did I mention the washing machine is making a grinding noise and pushing itself across the basement floor--and therefore is unusable?

My system isn't going to work. I know it isn't. I will have to give away personal possessions and make a place for the stash. I will have to become a hermit so I can read John Green books while keeping up with the new ones.

So if you don't see me, now you know why. Feel free to abduct me (this is for those of you who know me and where I live--the rest of you shouldn't plan any abductions because that would be a federal offence and since I won't know you when you show up you could end up in jail or something) and take me somewhere nice for food and outside entertainment. I will need it soon.

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