Saturday, April 18, 2009

This is the Childrens' Room, for crying out loud!

Oh, dear goodness.

Jennifer will laugh at me when I tell the world what happened today, but that is because she expects the worst. She will tell me that this event can be chalked up to "horny teenage boys" and left at that. That they are perverted and disgusting and we should expect nothing more from them.

But I do expect more. I expect all of humanity to live up to a certain standard, to behave with some level of decorum befitting a civilized society. I am disappointed in people each time they fall below this mark.

Disappointed, but not surprised.

Today, as young men (possibly over the age limit for our computers, but you never can tell--puberty makes some kids look like grown men overnight) scribbled their names on the list and settled down at the computers, I knew something was wrong.

Maybe it was the over sized t-shirt with the sleeves cut off so the whole side of the shirt was open. Maybe it was the eyebrow piercing and the gangsta' wanna-be clothing the other boy (man?) wore. Or maybe it was just their attitudes.

I knew that those two kids/teens would be looking at porn in one of their basements if they had a computer between them. But neither family did.

Fortunately for us, the library blocks many of the horrific websites, with only a hiccup once and a while which leads to us barring boys for looking at gay porn or something even worse, involving clowns or stuffed animals.

These boys went to look at cars. I was making butterflies for the windows, and each time they mentioned how great the car was, I knew they were using it as code talk for, "Look at that girl's fill-in-the-blanks."

Then I walked by and found the two of them, well, maybe just one of them, had appalling body odor.

This makes them on the lowest tier of humanity to me, because (as Gran always said) "Soap is cheap." You might end your bath smelling like an evergreen car freshener, but you have washed. That is important.

I then noticed they were on Myspace, clicking on a girl's breasts, as if to do something dirty (although not in person, which would be worse).

I walked away. I put some things back in the craft room. I came back out. They were on Facebook looking at girls in bikinis. I know.

Firstly, they are in a place where kids play and look at books with their mommy and daddy or grandma and grandpa. Secondly, they are clicking on anatomical parts and laughing and making inappropriate (if coded) comments in front of two young women, in full earshot, as if by working in a library we lose the ability to hear and understand, or basic deductive skills.

So I sent them away, following in their wake with the air freshener spray, which Jen knows I am allergic to, and how allergic I am to it.

My using it shows you how bad the odor was.

And now they are gone, curse them both, and may they never return. Because if they do, and they try that again, they will not be using these computers again.

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