Thursday, April 2, 2009

Something to show for my efforts

This is week two at my new job and I am starting to gain some of the confidence I lacked as I first began. I am no longer dreading the moment when I walk in the door, thinking that I am useless and they may just as well have gone on short staffed.

Last week we had Battle of the Books, which left me working what would almost have been considered overtime on my first three days at the library. I was the photographer, something I have no trouble with. I posted the pictures on the internet, gave the camera to the co-worker who knows where it belongs, and breathed a sigh of relief.

I then went downstairs and announced that we needed a press release, as there had been no media coverage of the event at all having worked at a newspaper, at a local newspaper, I knew that they are desperate for anything to print that actually is local and not secretly an ad for something or something they have to pay for. So only extreme ignorance or laziness would keep the papers away.

I hoped for the first one, but assumed it was the second. It was decided (with my urging) that I should be the one to write it, and I did so.

And today the director came downstairs and asked if I was the one who wrote the article. I said I had written the press release and that I didn't know if they had re-written it after. He told me it was very nice.

I had to see this paper.

I ran upstairs (giving him a moment to disappear into his office so he didn't think I was more of a freak than he already does--there was a math incident) and went to the Plain Dealer rack and started searching.

It doesn't matter how many times I have seen my writing published, it never gets old.

There it was, all formatted to fit their page and all. With its pictures that I took myself, with all the kids all lined up the way I told them to. And the director liked it.

I think that was a win. It feels like a win.


  1. congrats! It is only the first of many great accomplishments yet to come, you are destined to be published for a living!

  2. It was a huge win,now cut it out & start making a portfolio of all the great work you do...then come by & bring it to the NY Times,Post,Newsday..