Saturday, March 28, 2009

Where have I been, you ask?

I have been at my job, because I have one. A nice, fancy job that comes with health insurance. I work all the time now, like a real, live grown-up. And this is nice, in it's own way. But there are some things I miss.

1. Sleeping until noon, or taking a nap if I am extra tired.

2. Deciding when I work, if I work, and what my work entails (this is what you do when you are your own boss).

3. Knitting time, and the weekly knitting meet-up at the KenapocoMocha.

4. Going to the KenapocoMocha at all.

5. Unrestricted Darcy time.

6. Getting and watching the television shows I can't get on my TV (accursed digital conversion)

7. Spending time with friends whenever I (or they) feel like it.

I think all (or at least the majority) of those things are parts of life that change as we all get older and more mature. But I don't want to be that mature. I want to be a big kid my whole life, because life is more fun that way, which you can see when you look at my parents. Apple cores and all, being a big kid is much more fun than being a boring old person who wakes up at the same time every day and has no time for any fun at all. I want fun time.

So I am going to have to get used to having less sleep. Because I am not quitting the fun.

Instead I will keep myself a big kid by reading all the books in the kids section, perhaps several times. That's the plan right now. I'll let you know if it works.

In the meantime, I am knitting La Digitessa for real. I have one sock completed and am turning the heel on the second one. It is truly beautiful and makes me happy on many levels. I will take pictures and show you all when both are done. I will almost certainly end up wearing them to work, even if they clash with something, and with them both easily visible in some kind of mary jane shoe. Even if I have to buy special shoes to do it.

Also, I have broken down and purchased a season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a show so ridiculous that it makes me laugh hysterically and uncontrollably. Both are things I need right now. And I got a later season for more hilarity, because that is when Angel left, so there is no romance factor, really, just Spike getting himself set on fire, or grabbing the blade of a sword with both hands, or passing out drunk, and the like. That is where the funny is.

It is my guilty pleasure.

Spike on fire just makes my day. It's the swearing, I think. It just works.

Anyway, I will try to keep up with the posting better now that the horror of my first week is at an end. Sorry about the lapse!

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