Monday, March 2, 2009

In Which I Finally Get What I Want

In the saga of my cell phone, I have had many defeats.

Sitting in the Lounge one day, a friend of mine took my phone, connected it with some cord to his laptop (Apple, go figure) and gave me a random song he thought I would like. I think he did this because our music tastes are similar and because he had a rough day and knew how happy random tech victories make me.

So I thought, "That didn't look too hard. I can do this."

I had purchased my cell phone mere months earlier. I didn't know what kind of a battle I had in store. I plugged in my phone with its cord. My computer, an older PC, said "No thanks, not without a driver."

I found a driver, downloaded it (a two day task on dial-up) and it DID NOT WORK. My computer wanted software. I found that on several websites, for more than I paid for my phone in the first place.

All I wanted was the X-Files theme. I wanted my telephone to ring and make me want to defend myself with "terminal intensity." As if I even could. But it would have been nice to delude myself.

A year passed. I got my laptop. Then I tried again, and failed again. In this time, I endured other problems with my phone than just the ringtone. I would have been happy with almost anything other than what I had. But no, that could not be so. I had to cringe each time my phone rang with its obnoxious, freaky ringtone (the only one on the phone I could endure at all).

Finally, I learned of the Great Internet Lie, and got a ringtone. It was a lame one, a song that Ellen dances to, that I got just to get rid of the old ringtone. Okay, it was "Just Dance" by Lady Ga-Ga.

I know. You don't have to say it. And you're right. I am an Iron & Wine type of girl; I don't know what I was thinking.

But while waiting for Paul to come down two flights of stairs so I could drive him to the grocery store, it happened. I found my song, the X-Files theme song, on the cell phone's internet. And I got it. And now, my phone rings and I think, "The truth is out there..."

It's really too bad that I don't get that many phone calls.

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  1. Just remember, July is the month to make all your troubles end!