Saturday, March 14, 2009

When the internet goes down...

1. There are no blog posts.

2. I can't find out who sang a song I like.

3. I can't read the blogs I like.

4. I can't look at pictures of my new "nephew" who just joined us in the real world.

5. There is no way for me to see if the world outside has ended due to war, flood, or Miley Cyrus' feuds with musicians with talent. (IT'S MILEY!) Jen will get that last bit.

6. I have no way to explain to the world that my internet is down, and that I'm not just being a jerk or taking a blog break.

7. I can't complain to all of you about being sick, not liking being sick, or wishing I was not sick or that I could be healed.

8. I can't tell you all that Dad has set off from Guatemala and is traveling to the USA.

But now that I, Kleenex in tow, have gone to MC to drop Paul off, I have the opportunity to go to the coffee shop and tell you all the stuff you have missed.

Like Dillon, my "nephew" being born--he was! And how he was born just in time, because he had fluid in (or around--Grandpa isn't a reliable source) his lungs. And how he is staying in the hospital for a few days in the Neo-Natal ICU because he is making way too much insulin to counter my diabetic cousin's lack thereof.

Or that he is okay now! And coming home tomorrow or Monday!

Hooray for Dillon!

I am twice an "aunt" now.

I will post tons of pictures when I get to see him, after the newborn puffiness goes away, because babies aren't cute to non-family members until then.

And Dad is in Chicago right now. If he was on his own, I would tell him to swing by the hospital and pay his great-nephew a visit. But he is with tons of overworked folk, so I won't.

Now, I will sign off and let you know these might be infrequent for a few days, until Comteck gets into gear and fixes whatever their problem is. Beside the obvious (speed).

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