Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The New Pillow

My nasty dreams have come to an end, everyone. I am very happy.

Friday night I had another horrible dream, involving people hiding in my house and injecting my family members with sedatives so that they could do horrible Saw-like things to us, despite the fact that I never watched any of those movies and don't know what happens in them. The dream culminated with me walking into my parents room as I searched for them (so we could escape) only to be captured and drugged myself.

It was unpleasant.

Saturday (the day of two trips to Kokomo) I got a new pillow.

This is the best pillow of my life. I used to think I had good pillows...I was wrong. This is a Rich Person pillow, marked down to a Poor Girl's price (from $50. to $10. I can afford that).

Not only have the nightmares stopped, due to my dispelling the bad karma of my old Alpha pillow (I sleep on three, in a stack so I can breathe, and they have an order they go in...I'm not weird), the kink in my neck has gone from my life, and I am finally happy.

I have a sad, small little life, with some yarn for color.


  1. Is this a contour pillow? I bought one recently and decided that it was too hard to sleep on.

    Just thought you should know: White bean with rosemary and parmesan, today at the Kenapoc. No whole beans in it, so you might enjoy it. YUM!

  2. PS. I've decided to start a blog...again. My last blog was moved and I never began again. I've decided that my comments to you would be twice as much fun if I could write the pages and pages I would like. Plus, we can trade lessons. I teach you solfege, you teach me how to write real good--hehe:)

  3. Jen, I thought I done taught you how to right good whenever you rote on that other blog of yurs. I cain't think of nothing else to tell you...

  4. Oh, and no, it is one of those Down Alternative pillows. To Laura-proof it, there is an anti-allergen cover, and it has a dense core to keep me from smashing it down into something resembling flatbread, only made of pillow.