Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Best Night of My Life

Tonight was quite possibly that. Nothing this good has ever happened to me before, and I mean nothing.

I can't believe it really happened.

I am still laughing, off and on. At first I laughed so hard I had an asthma episode--that takes some doing.

Let me just say, the trip to drop Dad off took an unexpected and hysterical turn last night (tonight?) and I'm not talking about the fifteen minutes we all spent in the car with the bass turned up really loud listening to club music and dancing in our chairs. That was just filler.

I will fill you in completely tomorrow, for now I will just give you Dad's reaction.

I told him this event would be the one thing everyone on the Guatemala trip talked about for at least the first few days of the trip, only falling to second if something more hilarious were to happen. "That's unlikely," Dad muttered back to me, forcibly repressing the shame of what had just occurred.

I then consoled him, saying that it would all wear off soon and he would undoubtedly be the first person to laugh about it and repeat it again and again...

"Yeah, in about a decade," Dad replied.

I think Dad is working hard right now to forget what happened to him. He is pushing the memory far, far back into his mind where it will fester as a mental illness long into senility.

The poor man was laughed at by Mom and I alone for a good hour, and that doesn't include the time Paul was on the phone making fun of him too.

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