Monday, March 16, 2009

In which Laura gets a Real Job

All businesses want in our part of Indiana is accountants. The more, the better. If you aren't an accountant, that's okay--they'll hire you to pretend you are and you can learn on the job.

I hate math.

I can't even do it. The other day Mom and I spent ten minutes trying to figure out how much money our dinner had cost us per portion. The chicken was $5. for 3 breasts which I pounded out and divided into ten cutlets. Mom said it was 20 cents. I looked at her blankly, unable to compute. Mom corrected herself, saying it must have been $2. Then I said, "No, that's way too much." Paul laughed at us hysterically and we never did figure it out for real, though I lean toward the 20 cent per cutlet math thing, because that is at least closer.

I've been offered jobs doing payroll, computing sales figures, or just plain crunching numbers. It seems that companies think that a college degree means that you know everything, not just what you majored in. I had to create my own job, working for myself, in order to work at anything but numbers or fast food.

I have a liberal arts degree. Would you like fries with that?

Anyway. The other week I was in the Wabash library, writing a blog. I saw that they had applications out--they don't give them away unless they have an opening. So I filled one out and turned it back in the next day with my resume and a cover letter.

Days passed. I waited, hoping, and watched my family members depart for various parts of the world.

I went in for an interview. I met with the children's librarians, neither of whom had many questions for me, and the whole process took about 20 minutes. That seemed unusual to me, but I had a good vibe. They told me I would know this week if I had the job.

Today, I got the call. I am now Employed.

Hooray! I will pick out YA books, order them, plan special events, and have health insurance. I will also be maintaining their YA blog, hopefully even starting a children's one. I am excited. Especially because I mostly still read young adult fantasy.

I start next Monday. Wish me luck.