Saturday, March 21, 2009

Becky Gets Some Credit, But Not Much.

Becky actually spent some time with us today. But first, you must all understand what happened before this.

We ran into Becky the other day, the day when Jen and I went to Biaggi's for tasty food and also went shopping but were disappointed to find that we had nothing to buy or even look at when at the mall.

Becky was buying a nice new shiny sweeper. It had a thing for pet hair, and a thing that came out and dusted while sucking up all the little cobweb thingies that were around. She was with Joe, her husband, the man who stole her from us, her friends, who love her and want her time and attention. Becky. Come on.

We stopped and talked with her. It was nice. We told her that we missed her and that it wasn't fair that we couldn't spend time with her. Joe actually came out and said he didn't have a problem with it. He didn't have a problem with it. Becky, come ON.

Two years has passed since we have had Becky. Two years.

So we tried to get Joe to go home and Becky to come with us, just for a bit. But Becky wanted to go home and play with her new sweeper, which she did. Becky, COME ON.

We did manage to get her to agree to an evening with us, today, March 21. We would get dinner, we said. She agreed. She wrote it down in her little book. I saw her.

So March 20 rolled around and Jennifer called me. She said that she had gotten a message from Becky that she could not come on March 21 because she had to work. Meanwhile, Jennifer had to work through the evening on Friday night, and all day on Saturday. She also had to work on her Master's degree on Sunday, writing a paper. Not to mention all the other things that she has to do, like buying food or dusting or even sleeping.

Becky said she had to work during the day, and could not come. She was bailing on us, and when Jen called her and tried to ask, she couldn't reach Becky. And she called me and was upset, and she talked about how hard it was to thing that we are losing Becky, which we do not want. Friends are forever. We are not petty high school kids. We are forever, like a family you can choose.

Jen and I chatted for a few minutes. We both agreed that we would still hang out together Saturday, but we were disappointed to think we would be one short.

So today, Jen called me again and said that Becky really was coming. So I rushed out and came over to her apartment (where I am now) and we went over to get Becky from her house, and we ate at the Market Street Grill, and laughed. Then we went to Walmart for almost no reason.

Then we went back to Jen's where we are now. And Becky announced at eight o'clock that she had to go home. So that she could sleep.
Becky, COME ON!

We have managed to convince her to spend time with us in the future, but this is not necessarily certain. It is just sad to think that we have to fight so hard about this. So I am writing this entry right after I made certain to e-mail her my blog from the other day. I think this might mean that Becky's public humiliation may lead to her e-mailing me or calling me or even spending time with me and Jen at some time in the future.

If we are successful, I will let you know.

And, P.S. Hi to my New York reader and all you folks from Ravelry! Thanks for coming!

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